Know Before You Go: Competition Info


Props may arrive between May 1 – Friday, May 17, 2024.

Pack props in cartons. All cartons must measure no more than 32” wide X 72” tall and must be less than 8’ long.

Larger cartons must be constructed to allow for forklift use (see illustrations below). Any oversized crates received will be held at ISU Central Receiving and the team will be responsible for delivery to the competition site.


Offers durability and maximum protection.
Must be easy to move with a forklift or pallet jack.
Preferably uses a 4-way pallet as a base.
Uses Screws to secure – not nails.
  • Fill out (type or print legibly) the shipping label completely and attach the label securely to EACH carton
  •   Each carton shipped must be clearly marked and labeled with the official shipping label provided in this packet whether they are shipped by you or a third party.
  •  When shipping multiple cartons, mark each piece (i.e. – Box 1 of 3, Box 2 of 3, Box 3 of 3)
  •  Cartons require member’s name and number, address, mobile phone, e-mail, Problem name and division, and it must be shipped to the address provided on the shipping label.
  •   Props will be accepted beginning May 1, 2024
  •  Bring tools to open and reassemble your props. Iowa State University is unable to supply tools.


Shipping Your Props

ALL shipments must be prepaid. ISU Central Receiving will not accept any shipments arriving freight collect or COD. Be sure to obtain a tracking number from your carrier for each carton/crate shipped.


Full Truckload Prop Shipping

Full truckload shipments shall be loaded by Problem. Please have the carrier provide a manifest to ISU Central Receiving upon arrival.


International Prop Shipping

ALL shipments must be prepaid. ISU Central Receiving, Odyssey of the Mind, and Iowa State University are NOT the importer of record. ISU Central Receiving, Odyssey of the Mind and Iowa State University are not responsible for customs clearance, brokerage, taxes, duties or any other fees. The shipper must provide their own broker for customs clearance. ISU Central Receiving will not accept any shipments arriving freight collect, COD or requiring payment of fees.


Shipment Tracking

Check your carrier’s website to see if your shipment has been delivered to Iowa State University Central Receiving. You may check the Iowa State University tracking website to see the status of where your prop is located at ISU:

Props will be grouped according to problem and division and delivered to the designated prop storage area near each competition site by Tuesday, May 21.


While you are here

A Prop Information booth will be available Monday and Tuesday during registration at Sukup End Zone Club. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (Friday until noon), the Prop Information booth will be at the Memorial Union in Rom 2630.

Should your shipment not be in the designated storage area, please visit the ISU prop tracking website: or call 515.230.1308.


Unloading at Competition Sites

For props that travel with you, participants must load and unload their own props. Designated loading/unloading zone information will be available at team check in.

Prop Return Shipments

Teams who wish to ship materials home must register such request with the ISU Prop Information booth for proper guidance. All teams are responsible to pre- arrange for PREPAID OR C.O.D shipment of any materials requiring return. All returns must be properly packaged and have a prepaid return shipping label AND an orange ISU “RETURN” label attached to each carton. A completed Bill of Lading (BOL) must be attached to the carton/crate(s) for all freight returns.

Props requiring return should be left in the prop storage rooms to allow for ISU Central Receiving to pick up and stage for carrier pick up at Central Receiving. Do not request a carrier pick up at the prop storage location. Schedule return shipments with your carrier after June 1.

Carrier pick up location:
Iowa State University
Central Receiving Facility
2105 East Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50010

Shipping hours: 8:00 AM-3:00 PM CST, M-F, full loading dock access

ISU Central Receiving, Odyssey of the Mind and Iowa State University will not be responsible for overages or shortages of payment and/or damage to return shipments.


Deadline to have return shipments registered with Prop Info Booth and properly packaged/labeled is NOON, Friday, May 24, 2024.