2024 Ranatra Fusca Awards

Problem 1: Drive-In Movie Division II
Osrodek psychoedukacjii DAMB    Poland 22311

This team showed exceptional creativity in its vehicle’s design and how it integrated technological sophistication in all the required elements of the solution. The team developed a unique method of travel by employing a team-built aluminum oval hoop with an innovative suspended gondola whose weight transfer caused this 4-legged vehicle to flip head over heels in an astonishing walking style. The metal feet of the vehicle also completed an electrical circuit in the ticket booth triggering an automated ticket delivery crane device. This team showed incredible creativity and risk-taking with this radically different vehicle. Dr Sam would have been proud of its off-beat way of walking!

Problem 1: Drive-In Movie Division II
Kariya Invent Club Boys Girls, Kariya-shi Japan 34374

This team showed exceptional creativity in the design and construction of its vehicle, as well as all components required for completing tasks. They engineered a vehicle from scratch with team-created circuit boards controlling the team-designed gearbox made out of laser-cut wooden gears that powered the vehicle’s wheels. When the vehicle was flipped over, these wheels act similar to a train drive mechanism allowing the vehicle to walk in a circle. The vehicle incorporated a telescoping arm triggered by a proximity sensor to pick up their ticket, which then activated a switch to retract the arm. They also built an additional vehicle that walked onto their main vehicle in order to hold and transport their food. This team exemplifies the creativity of Odyssey of the Mind.

Problem 2: AI Tech-No-Art Division III
Broadalbin-Perth JR/SR High School Amsterdam, New York 12167

Have you ever experienced a Broadway show in 8 minutes? Problem 2 Division 3 judging team has. Every element of this team’s performance left the judging team and audience in awe. They elevated the humble material of craft paper, making different textures, an intricate life-sized tiger costume, 3D headdresses, and sound effects with the material. Their massive “Beholder” tree device was simple but extremely effective, both in the performance and in engineering acumen. The script kept the audience howling with laughter and the whole room gasped upon the reveal of their pterodactyl work of art. The performance was reminiscent of a Broadway show. This team combined engineering prowess, humor, and artistic design to solve the problem and exemplify the spirit of Odyssey of the Mind.

Problem 4: Deep Space Structure Division I

The Chinese YMCA Primary School team members impressed us with their creativity and scientific ingenuity. Their special effect featured a metal  spoon that, when placed in hot water, melted before the audience’s eyes like it was heated in a furnace. This effect captivated the judges and audience alike. This ingenious demonstration of the properties of gallium left one of our judges awake all night, pondering the mystery of the dissolving spoon. Though we couldn’t capture a picture of this fleeting effect, its impact was profound and memorable. The team’s innovative approach and ability to create such a memorable moment make them a standout candidate for the Ranatra award.