The One and Only Noah
Virtual Odyssey, Division III
Ojai, CA, USA
We are pleased to nominate Noah for his extraordinary effort to single-handedly produce and deliver a solution to Problem 2 Division III. Overcoming the limitations of COVID-19 isolation, Noah produced and performed a solution that successfully satisfied all the requirements of the problem and delivered a thoughtful and meaningful message about tolerance towards each other. Noah’s solution included two additional characters that he created and operated as puppets and included a 3-way dialog that he performed. Also in the performance he operated all the technical and special effects. In addition to performing the presentation Noah had to write the script and produce all the technical and special effects.
We feel that Noah’s effort in producing this solution by himself clearly exemplifies the spirit and philosophy of Odyssey of the Mind.

Lake Norman High School
Classics…OMER and the Beanstalk, Division III
Mooresville, NC, USA
Pen and paper may be the tools needed to write a storybook, but this team turned over a new “looseleaf” by tearing into several new, artistic ways to use paper throughout its solution. First, the team demonstrated exceptional artistry by rolling over 600 “quills” of paper strips to create an ornate turtle shell worthy of a museum. Then, the team folded hundreds-to-thousands of individual book pages while they were still bound within old books to create sensational 3D animals. Next, the team cleverly used super-thin paper and strategic stage lighting to create a dynamic silhouette story on a rotating turtle shell costume. Not to be outdone, the team also played with transparency by creating a stained-glass window using ARM & HAMMERâ„¢ Baking Soda, as well as baking soda clay puppet animals. This was no “run-of-the-papermill” solution, as this team demonstrated outstanding mastery and skill to turn ordinary paper into extraordinary showpieces!

Mount St. Mary Academy
Classics…OMER and the Beanstalk, Division III
Little Rock, AR, USA
From a lifelike animatronic swan to a fully functioning spinning wheel perfect for a storybook land, this team demonstrated exceptional artistic skill and engineering talent on not one, not two, but over six different masterpieces integrated into their time-themed solution. Picture this: a 3D string sculpture incorporating over 2,000 ARM & HAMMERâ„¢ Baking Soda clay beads that, depending on one’s viewing angle, changed appearance from a Sudoku puzzle to dandelions blowing in the breeze. Hear the sound of their team-created string instrument playing harmonious or dissonant chords to accompany light and dark moods of the team’s performance. Imagine watching as a bean costume transforms into a leaf then a full beanstalk complete with a built-in scooter to help the beanstalk grow like a vine across the stage. A 4-foot dandelion blew away in the wind to illustrate the passing of time, but it was the judging team that was truly blown away by this team’s timeless talent and sensational solution.

Long Beach Middle School B
Superhero Socks: A Cliffhanger Beginning, Division II
Long Beach, NY,USA
The team showed true Odyssey spirit by solving a problem and helping others at the same time! It held a sock drive to create their costumes and are donating the socks to charity after OOTM.

Terra Linda HS
Superhero Socks: A Cliffhanger Beginning, Division III
San Rafael, CA, USA
Not content with just delivering a top notch performance for its P5D3 solution, the team hilariously continued their roles throughout the explanation portion of its video. Between the stoic director telling how the costume designers spent a sleepless week creating a costume, to the world-renowned meteorologist supplying the extreme weather sound effects, to the difficult decision on whether to create a sock puppet in the style of Lamb Chop, or that of a sock monkey, it’s difficult to say which element caused the most belly laughs for the judges viewing the video remotely!
The old saying is that when life deals you lemons, make lemonade! Terra Linda HS did just that. In the spirit of Odyssey of the Mind, the team grasped the difficult situation of having to do the tournament virtually, and turned it into a unique opportunity to show just how deeply that OotM spirit runs in these team members.

Monte Vista HS PTSA A
Superhero Socks: A Cliffhanger Beginning, Division III
California, USA
This team showed true OMerism by going above and beyond the problem requirements. Taking advantage of the Virtual format the team created a remarkable “Explanation Video”.  All the judges laughed out loud at the hilarious situations presented in the video. The team was able to give the judges all the information needed in a very funny way. One team member was caught using the SuperSocks in real life for help with a math test. When explaining about choreography, two team members recreated the “Dirty Dancing” movie scene with a tornado prop. We got to see two early versions of the guitar sound effect with a team member playing very bad music, ending with him frustrated and “almost” smashing his guitar.
This team entertained us from start to finish!