Virtual Pin Trading

People have been asking for a while, “Will there be a way to trade pins virtually?” and this year we have an option for you.  The Odyssey of the Mind Pin Trading Group on Facebook has been a place for trading pins online for several years.  It is a wonderful group that was created by Odyssey Alumni to allow current and former Odyssey of the Mind Alums to have a group that they can join and trade their pins online. Request to join the pin trading group and once accepted you can post your pin collection pics, requests, trades, ask questions, or make connections. Share your enthusiasm for one of the greatest parts of World Finals. This group is not directly connected to or controlled by Odyssey of the Mind.

General Rules From the Admin of the Group

1. Be Kind and Respectful
2. No Spam
3. Keep posts related to Odyssey of the Mind
4. Sale of pins prohibited
5. Don’t violate copyrights

Click Here to join the Virtual Pin Trading!