OMER’s Awards

Gotha Middle School Virtual Odyssey Division: 2

Starting in a London setting (complete with a beautiful London backdrop with perfect shadows), you are transported to the land of Mary Poppins and all that comes with it. This team utilized all their skills to hand construct their oversized sets which included an 8’ box that allowed team members to fly. Different umbrellas were handmade including one that encircled the team member like an upside-down skirt. They used a pulley system that allowed a table to shake like in an Earthquake. No London scene would be complete without a chimney sweep, and this solution came with three: one team member chimney sweep manipulating two life-sized puppets to all dance together. As a total solution, this team’s elements were creative, risky and impeccably made.

Kylie Kunkle, Orange County Library System Virtual Odyssey Division: 1

This OMer took creative use of materials to new heights. A well-constructed and intricate totem pole, tree, and spider came alive in this performance. This young artist used only cardboard (an Odyssey staple) to create texture and dimension by adding scales, feathers, fangs, leaves, and even articulated arms on a spider, creating a masterpiece worthy of a museum.

Cape Elementary School, Cape Coral, FL Classics… OMER and the Beanstalk Division: 2

These diverse students came from four different schools and ranged from 2nd to 8th grade. They became a unified team that worked together seamlessly. Our judging team observed this when they faced a last minute staging area prop challenge. They patiently and kindly supported one another to find a solution quickly. Our judging team believes this team and their coaches exemplify the very essence of the OMER Award.

Victoria  Sook Classics… OMER and the Beanstalk

This time keeper / announcer delighted audiences with her original songs to introduce the teams. She changed the lyrics to be appropriate for each new team and situation. This Odyssey Alum showcased her talent by bringing her profession on the big stage to our tournament, making World Finals something to remember!

Upper St Clair High School Superhero Socks: A Cliffhanger Beginning Division: 3

This team’s artistic abilities wowed the judging team at every turn. Their miniature musical band, “The Rubber Band,” was made entirely of rubber bands! It was truly outstanding and even included a rubber band piano! Their hand-painted slideshow was visually perfect, facilitating a brilliant special effect that would have been otherwise impossible. As the cherry on top, the team displayed their love of words with an intricately designed membership sign. They are truly something special.

Somerset County YMCA Superhero Socks: A Cliffhanger Beginning Division: 3

This talented team member elevated her team’s performance to new heights as she immersed the audience in a world of sound that was both pleasant to listen to and majorly complemented her team’s performance. Her quick changes of tune brought the show to life and her ability to pace the show was superb.