NASA Science Talks

The NASA Science Talks recording is now available in one video for your viewing from now until 6/9/21. Click here to watch the NASA Science Talks.  We have also added to new NASA resources below.  The GLOBE Observer will expand more on the Tree Challenge talks and much more.  The NASA Earth Science will expand more on the Earth Science talks.

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2021 Community Trees Challenge

Time (All times in EDT)SpeakerTopicAbout the Scientist
11am-11:50amTrena FerrellEarth Science

The talk will address how our astronauts live and work in space. There will be a quick hands-on activity too.

Trena Ferrell

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Earth Science Division Education and Public Outreach Lead/ SMD SciAct HQ Earthlings Lead

I am originally from Lansdale, Pennsylvania where I attended North Penn High School. When I was fifteen, I attended St. Jean Private College in Tonneins, France as an exchange student for the entire year. My host father in France was a medical doctor and I developed an interested in medicine, which led me to earning a Master of Science degree in Developmental Biology. I have a strong passion for education and have taught High School Chemistry, Biology and Math. I also love our planet Earth and education so that led to earning my PhD in environmental science. My current job at NASA allows me to combine all my passions: helping our planet and still educating our future scientists and engineers about Earth. I feel that I am very lucky to do what I do daily!
12pm-12:50pmBrian CampbellTree Challenge

During the Community Trees Challenge, GLOBE and GLOBE Observer are asking citizen scientists to observe, learn, engage, and create as they track their progress on the Community Trees Challenge Activity Tracker. You can choose as many or as few of the activities as you like to participate. Work together as a family, as a group of friends, or independently – it is up to you. To get more information download the 2021 Community Trees Challenge above and stay tuned for Brian's Science Talks on the Tree Challenge on May 22nd.

Brian Campbell

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Global Science & Technology, Inc., NASA Hydrosphere, Biosphere, and Geophysics, ICESat-2, SMAP, and GPM Mission Outreach Teams, Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign Lead, Trees Science Lead for NASA GLOBE Observer, Earth Science Division