Odyssey of the Mind Activities

Little Ones at Home


Your problem is to use the tools and materials that you find in your daily life to make a “signal system”
to connect in and out of the room. The system must have at least two trigger devices to help to identify
different people. Each time you trigger the device, there will be a signal being delivered, and should be able
to be noticed by others, such as sound, action or lights.


  1.  You cannot use commercial goods, such as door bells or peep-holes.
  2.  Pay close attention to safety. Do not use alternating current, dangerous chemicals, fuel, smoke,
     or any form of open fire (such as candles or fireworks etc.)
  3.  Scores:
     A device that can deliver the signal                      0-10points
     Another device that delivers the other signal        0-10points
     Difference between two signals being delivered   2-10points
     Creativity of the signals being delivered                2-10points
     Humor effect of the trigger devices                       2-10points


Download: stamp.png